Rural Counties Most Dependent on Social Security

In this election season, we’ve been hearing a lot about big government, deficits, and entitlement programs like Social Security. The Congressional “supercommittee” may end up making cuts in Social Security at the end of this month. But what does Social Security mean for folks here? A recent article in the on-line newspaper the Daily Yonder looked at the figures for counties across the nation. Turns out Letcher County is more than twice as dependent on Social Security income as the nation as a whole. Daily Yonder co-editor Bill Bishop authored this article with Roberto Gallardo on the statistics for WMMT’s home county.  They found that Letcher County isn’t alone in depending on Social Security for income. In the U.S. as a whole, Social Security is one dollar in twenty of total income. In Knott County, Social Security is one dollar out of every ten. In Letcher and Pike County, it’s one dollar in eight. In Dickenson and Buchanan Counties in southwest Virginia, it’s one dollar in six. Our communities have a lot at stake as our leaders debate the future of Social Security.  To read the full report and find the statistics for your county, visit the Daily Yonder online

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