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shares multimedia stories, news and information highlighting opportunities and challenges for diversifying Appalachia’s economy and building a just and healthy future for the region’s people and land.

MACED_Ferest059 (1)While coal mining will play a role in the central Appalachian economy for many years to come, other fuels are rapidly replacing coal and the industry continues to mechanize. Both factors have created a dramatic drop in jobs. Mining currently represents less than 1% of employment in the region. Analysts also project that recoverable coal reserves in the region could run out in 20 years.

Now is the time to develop a diversified and sustainable regional economy that supports the current generation of coal miners while creating new jobs in new fields. We have no shortage of strengths to build upon, including our rich cultural traditions, unparalleled natural landscape and strong sense of family and community. To move forward we must honor our past while focusing on a future that provides healthy and productive lives for our children and grandchildren.

DSC03862 (1)Making Connections News features people, organizations and businesses that are leading the way and providing examples of new economic opportunities. The stories, information, ideas, and opinions presented are intended to foster further conversations and spur action on these important issues.

Making Connections News
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