Sharing Stories of Opportunities & Challenges for Diversifying Appalachia's Economy & Renewing Her Communities


Finding Futures in Forest Farming

March 14, 2017

Appalachian Sustainable Development and Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmers’ Coalition members talk about the income generating potential of forest farming in the region on WMMT’s...

Hazard, KY: Boom or Bust?

February 17, 2017

What is it going to take to revitalize our once thriving coal towns? In this edition of WMMT’s Mountain News & World Report we...

Talking Diversity for Coalfields Economy

February 2, 2017

What does it take to successfully build the economy of a small community once dependent on coal? Economic diversity. But why are some residents...

Neighbors Work To Revive An Appalachian Community

November 11, 2016

What role can a community center play in increasing residents’ well being and encouraging efforts to reimagine and revitalize the local economy? That’s the...

Appalachian Youth Envision Their Future

September 14, 2016

~~The 2016 Appalachian Media Institute interns speak about their experiences in this year’s Summer Documentary Institute and thoughts about the region and their futures...

EKY Health, Wealth Expands with ACA, Medicaid

May 31, 2016

Did you know that newly covered Medicaid recipients were responsible for bringing in an additional $22.8 million in health care spending in Letcher County,...

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