Appalachian Seed Swap Sows Sustainable Economy

Can our rich and varied Appalachian food traditions become one source for a sustainable economy in the region?  The 4th Annual Appalachian Seed Swap brought Joseph Simcox, from Gardens Across America, to Pikeville for the event.  A modern-day “Johnny Appleseed,” Simcox has traveled the world collecting and swapping seeds and believes that Appalachia can be a hub for the revival of small scale, sustainable agriculture.  Not only does Simcox share some of the seeds of knowledge he’s collected, but he puts forward his ideas for how Central Appalachia can use agriculture to transform our economy and reclaim our mined lands. He is joined by Joyce Pinson, local farmer and one of the organizers of the highly successful Seed Swap, in this WMMT report from Benny Becker. Joyce Pinson & Cushaw

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