A Clothesline of Quilts

In the 1990s, Elliot County, KY was declared the poorest county in the nation. But rather than going the usual route and focusing efforts on recruiting outside companies to come in, leaders took a different approach to the problem, and looked to build on their own strengths.  Two decades later these efforts led by the […]

Keeping Carcassonne

In this report from Sara Soltau we hear about efforts currently underfoot to sustain and keep alive the Carcassonne Community Center near Blackey, home to the longest continuously-running square dance in the state of Kentucky and a former school house that is a focus for local folks. [wpdm_file id=52]

Crooked Road Builds Music Economy

All Appalachians know our region is rich in music – but this doesn’t always translate in to money for local residents.  Yet the Crooked Road, southwestern Virginia’s heritage music trail, is working to change that. In recent years, through careful planning focused on local culture and decision making, this project has helped the region’s traditional […]

White Oak Pumpkin Barn

The Howard-Oldfield family has been farming in Morgan County, KY for over 100 hundred years.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to try something new.  Last year Ashley Oldfield and her husband John experimented with planting half an acre of pumpkins.  They sold some to the local IGA and a few places in White […]