Keeping Carcassonne

In this report from Sara Soltau we hear about efforts currently underfoot to sustain and keep alive the Carcassonne Community Center near Blackey, home to the longest continuously-running square dance in the state of Kentucky and a former school house that is a focus for local folks. [wpdm_file id=52]

Andrea Salina:”Citizens Against Spinoff Companies’ Immoral Tactics”

Andrea Salina came home to north central West Virginia to raise her children. She found a community suffering the devastation of a boom and bust coal economy including the recent bankruptcy of Peabody’s Patriot Coal. “Nothing is sadder than watching your father, after investing more than 40 years in Peabody Coal, open with shaking hands […]

Building Appalachia’s Bright Future

In late April, leaders from across eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia came together in the heart of Harlan County, at the Harlan Convention Center, to talk about the future of mountain communities.  Called Appalachia’s Bright Future, the conference was sponsored by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and aimed to build a new conversation about the unique opportunities […]

New Opportunity School for Women – Bringing Out Potential

Women in Central Appalachia are more likely to struggle with unemployment and a lack of educational opportunities than are their male counterparts or than women in many other parts of the country. But a small non-profit called the New Opportunity School for Women has spent the past quarter century working to assist women from Central […]