Dean Hill Photography: Shooting Local Going Global

Rural communities nationwide are far more likely than their urban counterparts to have slower download speeds, only one choice in provider and a lack of adequate broadband infrastructure. Yet in places like eastern Kentucky, the economic future of the region depends greatly on closing this digital divide. Dean and Karen Hill run Dean Hill photography […]

Local Telephone Co-op Brings Broadband to Northeastern Kentucky

One obstacle many communities face as they work to generate employment and economic growth in the region, is a lack of good internet access. A while ago we reported on an initiative by the local telephone co-op in Scott County, Virginia. There’s a similar story unfolding in northeastern Kentucky at the Mountain Telephone Cooperative.   […]

The Avian Aqua Miser: An Automatic Chicken Waterer

A portrait of Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess, farmers in Scott County, Virginia, who have used the internet to create a thriving market for their invention, an innovative device to provide water to chickens without creating an unsanitary mess. Their story underlines the importance of good Internet access to rural economic development. [wpdm_file id=88]