Environmental Education Model in Coalfields Virginia

St. Paul, VA, high school students at the Wetlands Estonoa Learning Center are steeped every day in a rich, interactive, learning environment through a long-running, student-driven project that doubles as both an outdoor classroom and a functioning wetland that helps maintain clean water in the Clinch River watershed, one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America.

Morris Creek: Reviving Creek for Community

Streams turned bright-orange from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) are a common sight throughout the coalfields.  The orange is essentially iron that comes with the water flowing out of old mines and it often smothers aquatic life.  Mike King and other folks living along Morris Creek near Montgomery, WV, came together to see if they could […]

The Stickneys of Estill County: Landowners Are The Best Fertilizer

Jack and Teresa Stickney with their son Caleb are revitalizing an old Kentucky homestead near the Red River. The Stickneys grow and market shitake mushrooms as well as lead workshops on their use. They also participate in the Appalachian Carbon Partnership — they manage their woodlands in a sustainable manner, thereby sequestering carbon in their […]