Welsh Eco-Tourism Model Excites Elkhorn City, KY

The After Coal: Wales and Appalachia Project visited Elkhorn City recently to talk about eco-tourism in Wales and how what has happened there could apply to this town on the banks of the Russell Fork River in Pike County, KY.

Imagining Appalachia 2050

Fifty years after the War on Poverty began much has been accomplished in Appalachia, but more remains to be done. Floyd Co journalist, and now filmmaker, Ralph B. Davis visited WMMT’s Mountain Talk to discus and share clips from his documentary Appalachia 2050, in which residents of the region talk about what is needed to finish […]

Clinch River Protection to Boost Local Economy

Though we often hear in the coalfields that job creation and environmental protection are two things that cant happen at the same time, a growing coalition of individuals and organizations believes that the Clinch River, €”one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America, €”could itself be the backbone of a brand-new economy in […]