Mountain Talk – Energy Options in Appalachia

Hosted by Mimi Pickering – April 27, 2011 Join us for this edition of Mountain Talk where we hear from Jason Bailey and Kristin Tracz of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) about the economics of coal, power rate hikes and new options for energy efficiency and the future of our region. [wpdm_file […]

Broadband: Crippled Without It?

Access to high speed internet service, or broadband, is increasingly seen by many policymakers as a necessity for community vitality. This feature includes comments from Dee Davis, Center for Rural Strategy, on the center’s findings that rural communities will be economically crippled without access to high speed internet; a brief check in with Lisa Fanin […]

Mountain Talk – Growing Appalachia Workshops

Hosted by Sylvia Ryerson, March 30, 2011 – On this edition of Mountain Talk we hear from Tanya Turner and Beverly May about the upcoming Growing Appalachia workshops on sustainable mountain agriculture, renewable energy and energy efficiency for the central Appalachian coalfields. [wpdm_file id=99]

Eastern Kentuckians Face Rising Electric Bills

Residents throughout eastern Kentucky have been shocked by dramatically higher electric bills this winter, forcing many to make difficult decisions in order to keep their homes warm through the coldest months of the year. The situation has created a crisis for many Kentucky households. Residents and local officials alike are searching for answers as to […]