Appalachian Carbon Partnership – Forests For The Future

Central Appalachia loses more than 130 acres of forestland everyday, as economic pressures force families to clear their land.  Nearly 90 percent of forestland is privately owned and less than 5 percent of that land is under sustainable management. An innovative pilot program called the Appalachian Carbon Partnership is working to reverse this trend.  A […]

Justin Maxson – What A Just Transition Looks Like

Justin Maxson, President of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), spoke at the Appalachia’s Bright Future conference on what is needed to make a transition to a diversified mountain economy that supports healthy, prosperous families.

Clinch River Protection to Boost Local Economy

Though we often hear in the coalfields that job creation and environmental protection are two things that cant happen at the same time, a growing coalition of individuals and organizations believes that the Clinch River, €”one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America, €”could itself be the backbone of a brand-new economy in […]

New Opportunity School for Women – Bringing Out Potential

Women in Central Appalachia are more likely to struggle with unemployment and a lack of educational opportunities than are their male counterparts or than women in many other parts of the country. But a small non-profit called the New Opportunity School for Women has spent the past quarter century working to assist women from Central […]