Keeping Carcassonne

In this report from Sara Soltau we hear about efforts currently underfoot to sustain and keep alive the Carcassonne Community Center near Blackey, home to the longest continuously-running square dance in the state of Kentucky and a former school house that is a focus for local folks. [wpdm_file id=52]

Cory Coots: Invest in Future for Appalachian Youth

Cory Coots hails from Viper, KY and will soon be a senior at Hazard High School. Speaking as a young person who wants to have a future in the region, he calls for new ways to invest our serverance tax funds. Cory has just finished working as a peer trainer in Appalshop’s Appalachian Media Institute […]

Building Businesses with Bee-Keeping and Paintballs

What do an eastern Kentucky bee-keeper and a paintball entrepreneur have in common? Well, they’re both small business owners! And on a sunny evening in mid May, just outside of downtown Hindman, these two came together with others to learn more about how to make their ventures a financial success. The evening marked the first of four […]

Todd Howard-Transition Starts With Me & With You

Todd Howard used to work in the coal industry. He now farms and helps run the Floyd County, KY Farmers Market. Todd spoke at the Appalachia’s Bright Future conference and his message was that transition to a more diverse economy isn’t going to come from outside — “It needs to start in my community of […]