Net Neutrality Repeal Has Rural Impact

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) move to repeal Net Neutrality and classification of Broadband Internet as a Title II Telecommunications Service could have significant impact on rural America, where the digital divide is already the largest. In this edition of Mountain Talk, host Mimi Pickering explores potential impacts with economist Roberto Gallardo from Mississippi State […]

Life Without Broadband: “Losing Our Potential”

Lack of reliable broadband in this small Kentucky community costs people a lot, residents say: jobs, educational opportunities, real estate sales, and even time with their kids. WMMT reports on a meeting at the Campbells Branch Community Center where the Letcher County Broadband Committee came to gather information and gauge interest in a plan to […]

An EPIC Education Opportunity

In this episode of Mountain Talk Monday learn about the EPIC Program – Enhancing Programs for IT Certification — that is being offered through the KCTCS community colleges in our area, including Southeast and Hazard. Guest host Mimi Pickering speaks with Tracie Davis, David C. Dixon, and participating students Heather Smith and Mary Wilson who […]

How to Shape Our Appalachian Future?

As SOAR prepares for its 3rd gathering, an “Innovation Summit” on June 6 in Pikeville, WMMT spoke with Executive Director Jared Arnett about his vision for the organization’s future, which includes focusing on creating a social network of people united in efforts to build the region’s economy. For another perspective we spoke with Willa Johnson, a McRoberts, […]