Using Ingenuity & Internet to Stay on the Farm

A video portrait of Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton, farmers in Scott County, Virginia, who have used the Internet to create a thriving market for their invention, the Avian Aqua Miser. This innovative device provides a steady source of water to chickens without creating an unsanitary mess. Their story underlines the importance of access to […]

Getting Ahead Online: Education & the Internet

The school year just kicked off here in Letcher County, and opening day is right around the corner for many other students in eastern Kentucky.  As young people throughout the region head back to the classroom, there is one tool they’ll be using that wasn’t around for generations past: the Internet.  WMMT’s Sylvia Ryerson talked […]

Sharing the Spirit of Appalachian Kentucky

A video visit with Morgan County, KY photographer Dean Hill and his wife and partner Karen who are able to run a successful art photography business from their lovely, but isolated rural home with the help of high-speed Internet access.

Chickens, Internet & Entrepreneurs

ARTICLE by Wille Davis: Scott County, Virginia was once a hub for big tobacco farms, and its location €”nestled between two coal rich areas provided an opportunity for residents to work in the mines. Once the income from the tobacco industry and the coal companies dried up, however, the county suffered.  The population has been […]