Solar Helps Sustain Williamson, WV

The Jobs Project, a local group dedicated to creating local jobs by bringing renewable energy projects to the area, has been working with the city of Williamson and other partners to bring solar technology to the area. Mountain View Solar & Wind trained residents in solar installation technology while completing the project. Eric Mathis of […]

Kentuckians on Clean Energy Opportunities

With the unemployment rate stuck above 9 percent, many people are looking towards clean energy, not only as a way to reduce electric bills, but to create new careers in the coalfields. On Monday, January 31, the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance, composed of 34 organizations from across the state, came together in Lexington for a […]

Local Telephone Co-op Brings Broadband to Northeastern Kentucky

One obstacle many communities face as they work to generate employment and economic growth in the region, is a lack of good internet access. A while ago we reported on an initiative by the local telephone co-op in Scott County, Virginia. There’s a similar story unfolding in northeastern Kentucky at the Mountain Telephone Cooperative.   […]

After Coal, What? Appalachians Look to Wales for Answers

Scholars, community organizers, activists and students gathered at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., October 14-16 for “Appalachia and Wales: Coal and After Coal,” a symposium focused on the historical ties and parallel trends in production between coal-mining regions in Appalachia and Wales over the last century.  [wpdm_file id=93]