Don’t Break the Internet Before Rural Gets It

If you use the Internet or are one of the many rural residents who hope to get the Internet, December 14 was a big day. Under a plan proposed by Anjit Pai, President Trump’s choice for chairman, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3 to 2 to dismantle Net Neutrality, the open Internet principles that more […]

Young Appalachian Filmmakers Say “Go Your Own Way”

What options are there for young Appalachians considering whether to make a life in the region? That was the question Appalachian Media Institute interns Elyssia Lowe, Jaydon Tolliver & Joshua Collier wanted to explore in Go Your Own Way, the short documentary they created during the 2016 Summer Documentary Institute. These young filmmakers decided to focus on telling the […]

An EPIC Education Opportunity

In this episode of Mountain Talk Monday learn about the EPIC Program – Enhancing Programs for IT Certification — that is being offered through the KCTCS community colleges in our area, including Southeast and Hazard. Guest host Mimi Pickering speaks with Tracie Davis, David C. Dixon, and participating students Heather Smith and Mary Wilson who […]

EDA Dir. Jay Williams: Youngstown & EKY Same Story

“Big Ideas Fest” featured speaker says Youngstown, OH had to look at assets and diversify after steel industry gone, like mining decline in Appalachia. Jay Williams, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director of the Economic Development Administration, compared similar efforts to rebuild his hometown – Youngstown, OH, where the steel industry cratered in […]