“Citizens Against Consolidation” Organize to Keep Community Schools Open

On Monday, November 7, over one hundred people gathered at the Letcher County courthouse to protest a possible redistricting plan that would close two Letcher County elementary schools and consolidate the entire system into three middle schools.  Calling themselves “Citizens Against Consolidation,”  the group marched from the Courthouse to City Hall, and then back to the […]

“Ninety-Nine and Half Won’t Do” Broadband for All

On October 12 people gathered at the Appalshop in Whitesburg, Kentucky to talk about the importance of broadband Internet access in our rural communities. With it, we can connect to anyone in the world, send and receive information, take classes, start businesses, compete with the world. Without it, we are condemned to fall further and further behind. This […]

Mountain Talk – The Rural Broadband Hearing

On October 12 a group gathered at Appalshop to talk about the importance of accessible, affordable high-speed Internet in Appalachian communities. Residents from across the region came to share their concerns and ideas with special guests Jonathan Adelstein, administrator of the Rural Utilities Service in the US Dept. of Agriculture, and Mark DeFalco from the Appalachian Regional […]

Education & the Internet: Key to Rural Future?

Educators, librarians and students from throughout East Kentucky talk about how using the Internet and going online is increasingly an essential part of teaching and learning here in the mountains, the challenges when schools and students don’t have quality broadband, and what access to the latest technology could mean to the future of our students […]