Mountain Rose Winery: A Story To Be Proud Of

Wise County was once one of the largest apple growing areas in Virginia,  but that industry declined as many orchard lands were mined. The Lawson family is bringing fruit growing back to the region, this time planting grapes on reclaimed strip jobs and making wine at MountainRose Winery. Many of their labels are named after […]

The Stickneys of Estill County: Landowners Are The Best Fertilizer

Jack and Teresa Stickney with their son Caleb are revitalizing an old Kentucky homestead near the Red River. The Stickneys grow and market shitake mushrooms as well as lead workshops on their use. They also participate in the Appalachian Carbon Partnership — they manage their woodlands in a sustainable manner, thereby sequestering carbon in their […]

Building Back a Forest

In Appalachia, the total area of surface mined land is estimated to be around 1.5 million acres.   Much of this land is non-forested and unused.  But the American Chestnut Foundation and Green Forest Works are two organizations developing an innovative approach — planting hardwood trees including the threatened American Chestnut — for making these vast […]

Appalachian Carbon Partnership – Forests For The Future

Central Appalachia loses more than 130 acres of forestland everyday, as economic pressures force families to clear their land.  Nearly 90 percent of forestland is privately owned and less than 5 percent of that land is under sustainable management. An innovative pilot program called the Appalachian Carbon Partnership is working to reverse this trend.  A […]