Mountain Talk – Growing Appalachia

In this edition of Mountain Talk host Sylvia Ryerson talks with special guests Todd Howard, Fern Nafziger and Nathan Hall about the upcoming Growing Appalachia day of free workshops, which will take place this Saturday, April 14 at the Jenny Wiley State Park near Prestonsburg, KY.  The workshops will cover a broad range of ways to save and earn […]

Goods from the Woods

February is the time of year when most farmer’s markets here in the mountains go into hibernation, and fresh local produce can be hard to find.  But one organization is working away during these winter months to help farmers and families prepare for the season to come. Appalachian Sustainable Development, or ASD, is working with residents […]

“A Marvelous Herb” Glen Facemire on the Value of Ramp Cultivation

Ramps, sometimes called wild leeks, are a plant native to the mountains here in central Appalachia, and there is a long history of harvesting them for food.  With their powerful garlic-like smell and a taste similar to onions, ramps are a staple in some traditional Appalachian recipes, and ramp festivals are held throughout the region […]

Using Ingenuity & Internet to Stay on the Farm

A video portrait of Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton, farmers in Scott County, Virginia, who have used the Internet to create a thriving market for their invention, the Avian Aqua Miser. This innovative device provides a steady source of water to chickens without creating an unsanitary mess. Their story underlines the importance of access to […]