Fitness Businesses Revitalize Health and Job Market

In this WMMT story, two Pike County entrepreneurs share how they came to open their fitness businesses and their passion for fitness as a means to enrich their community by providing a pathway to better health, and also by creating jobs.

SOAR – Improve Health Through Heritage?

Dr. Nikki Stone, Chair of SOAR Health Working Group, asks if region’s heritage of strong, resilient mountaineers can help us improve East Kentucky area’s very poor health.

Ending Black Lung Forever?

On April 23rd, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, passed a long awaited rule that will lower the amount of respirable coal dust in all U.S. underground coal mines.  The new standard reduces dust levels from 2 miligrams per cubic meter to 1.5 miligrams per cubic meter.  This new standard aims to reduce […]

Eula Hall Fights for Mud Creek Medicine

Eula Hall from Mud Creek in Floyd County, KY is nationally recognized for a lifetime fighting for the rights of mountain people, especially for access to good health care. Eula and the Mud Creek Clinic she founded are the subject of a new book by Kiran Bhatrajn. In December 2013, Eula and Kiran visited Appalshop […]