SOAR – Improve Health Through Heritage?

Dr. Nikki Stone, Chair of SOAR Health Working Group, asks if region’s heritage of strong, resilient mountaineers can help us improve East Kentucky area’s very poor health.

Its “Growing Appalachia” Time

It is springtime in the mountains again and local gardens are starting to come in. WMMT reports on the annual Growing Appalachia Conference which was held in March at Jenny Wiley State Park. In addition to talk of grassfed beef, herb gathering, and vegetable production, there was plenty of discussion of a variety of ways […]

Remembering 1907 Monongah Disaster

March 9 & 13 marked the anniversary of the Scotia Mine Disaster in Letcher County, KY in 1976, and April 5 was the 4th year since 29 miners were killed at Upper Big Branch in West Virginia. As part of a commemoration of these events, WMMT looked back at the nation’s worst mine disaster  – […]

A Clothesline of Quilts

In the 1990s, Elliot County, KY was declared the poorest county in the nation. But rather than going the usual route and focusing efforts on recruiting outside companies to come in, leaders took a different approach to the problem, and looked to build on their own strengths.  Two decades later these efforts led by the […]