Brendan Smith – Lessons from Newfoundland

Fishermen in the Northeast have been making a transition from work as cod fisherman — an industry that has been part of the region’s heritage for generations. Brendan Smith shared valuable lessons on what has been a sometimes difficult transition for these folks at the Appalachia’s Bright Future Conference.

After Coal: Wales & Appalachia

Over 4,000 eastern Kentucky miners have lost their jobs since 2011, and many fear these coal jobs aren’€™t coming back. Now folks in the coalfields are asking the question, what comes next? Scholars at Appalachian State University think there are lessons to be learned from South Wales, a major coal producing region which faced a […]

Crooked Road Builds Music Economy

All Appalachians know our region is rich in music – but this doesn’t always translate in to money for local residents.  Yet the Crooked Road, southwestern Virginia’s heritage music trail, is working to change that. In recent years, through careful planning focused on local culture and decision making, this project has helped the region’s traditional […]

A Morgan Sorghum Success!

The last weekend of September marked the 42nd annual Morgan County Sorghum Festival, complete with the Sorghum Bowl football game, the crowning of the Sorghum Queen and over 100 arts and crafts displays in downtown West Liberty.  Many said they though this year’s might have been the biggest Sorghum Festival ever.  But just a few […]