Mountain Talk: Growing Appalachia

In this edition of WMMT’s Mountain Talk, we discuss small-scale farming and local foods, energy efficiency, and renewables in the mountains with special guests Fern Nafziger, Cody Montgomery, Paul Wiediger and Will Bowling. All of our guests are deeply involved in this work in eastern Kentucky, and are all presenters at this weekend’s fourth annual  Growing Appalachia day […]

New Energy Abundance in EKY

As the debate surrounding the continued operation of aging coal burning power plants continues, many are trying to figure out what our other options are for supplying all our energy needs.  Downstream Strategies, an environmental consulting organization based in West Virginia, just released a report addressing this very question, “The Opportunities for Distributed Renewable Energy […]

Mountain Talk – Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for KY

Hosts Sylvia Ryerson and Mimi Pickering discuss clean energy opportunuties for eastern Kentucky with guests Nathan Hall of Floyd County, who built his own mobile biodiesal conversion system, and Matt Partymiller, co-founder and operating partner of Solar Energy Solutions in Lexington.  In  this show we hear from Nathan and Matt on how growing our clean […]

Solar By Necessity: Elijah & Guylaine Collett

ARTICLE by Willie Davis: In 1999, after a hard day of working as a freelance electrician, Elijah Collett turned on his computer.  His son was teaching him how to use the Internet, but aside from a few religious websites, he didn’t have much interest in it.  That evening, however, he decided to try his hand […]