Williamson: Taking a Leap to Reach ‘Sustainable’

ARTICLE by Willie Davis:  In 1931, the Williamson, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce released a booklet celebrating the town.  The cover shows, embedded within a cartoon heart, a photograph of the Williamson skyline. We see a bustling, industrious town perched above the Tug River with a railroad shifting coal cars to and from the rest […]

“Be Smart, Live Simple”: A WMMT Report

At the top of a winding Leslie county road, right on the edge of the Daniel Boone National forest, one innovative couple is proving that solar power does work here in the narrow hollows of eastern Kentucky. Over the past decade Elijah and Guylaine Collett have been slowly accumulating solar panels on the south facing […]

Mountain Talk – Growing Appalachia Workshops

Hosted by Sylvia Ryerson, March 30, 2011 – On this edition of Mountain Talk we hear from Tanya Turner and Beverly May about the upcoming Growing Appalachia workshops on sustainable mountain agriculture, renewable energy and energy efficiency for the central Appalachian coalfields. [wpdm_file id=99]

Solar Helps Sustain Williamson, WV

The Jobs Project, a local group dedicated to creating local jobs by bringing renewable energy projects to the area, has been working with the city of Williamson and other partners to bring solar technology to the area. Mountain View Solar & Wind trained residents in solar installation technology while completing the project. Eric Mathis of […]