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Environmental Education Model in Coalfields Virginia

July 23, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

tery-vencil-Estonoa The Clinch River Watershed is one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America, home to a staggering variety of aquatic life and even endangered mussels.  But its water faces many obstacles to staying clean enough to maintain this diversity, including sediment and runoff from coal and agricultural operations. The Wetlands Esonoa Outdoor Learning Center,  a long-running student-driven project overseen by Castlewood High School teacher Terry Vencil, has transformed an old lake full of trash into a pristine and functioning wetland that filters runoff before it reaches the river.  The wetland also serves as an indoor and outdoor classroom where Ms. Vencil’s students meet four days a week.  WMMT’s Parker Hobson reports on this project has helped build environmental awareness, confidence, and learning skills among local students since 1999. 

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Broadband Basics for Rural Region

July 16, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

library02The debate about an open Internet, sometimes called “Net Neutrality,” and what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide is a hot topic right now. But because Internet access and affordability issues of all kinds affect how well our rural communities fare now and in the future, the Central Appalachia Regional Network (CARN) created some easy to read handouts on Broadband terms, the importance of High-Speed Internet to our daily lives, and the policies and policy makers that can make a difference. Please share.

CARN Broadband 101

CARN Broadband Glossary

CARN Why Telecom Policies Matter

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Seeds & Ancestors: Appalachian Food Summit

July 09, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Brett Ratliff, Ronni Lundy & Bill Best Kick Off Appalachian Food SummitRonni Lundy, one of the organizers of the very first Appalachian Food Summit,  sees this event in Hindman as a chance to break bread, talk with one another, and understand how food and foodways can help us stay where we are and build a sustainable future. Bill Best describes his start as a bean collector and folks from Grow Appalachia, Growing Warriors and the Kentucky Proud program talk about efforts to support farming and farmers in this WMMT report by Sylvia Ryerson.

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Hollow: McDowell County, WV Tells Its Stories

July 02, 2014 / by / 1 Comment

Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food BankElaine McMillion, director of the award-winning interactive documentary Hollow, visited WMMT’s Mountain Talk to discuss this multimedia project in which Elaine and McDowell County, WV, residents use video, photography, audio and writing to explore the joys and challenges of living in and rebuilding this hard hit Appalachian coal community. Linda McKinney, who runs the Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank in Welch with her husband Bob, also joined the show, and we hear a song from Alan Johnston, who is featured in the documentary.

Watch the lovely trailer West Virginia, Still Home, and Hollow – The Documentary is the full multimedia project.

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