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Appalachian Youth Envision Their Future

August 17, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

2016 AMI SDI Team~~The 2016 Appalachian Media Institute interns speak with WMMT about their experiences in this year’s Summer Documentary Institute and thoughts about the region and their futures within it.

Since 1988, Appalshop’s Appalachian Media Institute (AMI) has provided opportunities for young people from central Appalachia to explore their communities and develop their creative skills through the arts and media. This is a pivotal time for central Appalachia as we work for a transition to a more diversified regional economy, and this year AMI focused on Envisioning Our Future. Six youth from eastern Kentucky participated in this 8-week program providing training in documentary storytelling and a chance to explore, produce and share youth-led visions for the region’s future. They spoke with WMMT’s Kelli Haywood and the full interviews are available as part of Mountain Talk Monday on wmmt.org and our podcast.


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Proposed Medicaid Changes Criticized In Hazard

July 20, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Version 2Over 30 people spoke out about KY Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed changes to the state’s Medicaid system that through its expansion has seen almost 500,000 low income Kentuckians find health care coverage. WMMT covered the July 7 Public Hearing in Hazard on the Section 11-15 Medicaid waiver that the Bevin Administration is seeking. This Mountain Talk features comments from health care providers, mental health advocates, policy analysts, and regular works who work with those on Medicaid or are themselves beneficiaries of the program.

The KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services is accepting comments on the proposal through 5 pm Friday July 22. Email kyhealth@ky.gov.

Go here for a description of the waiver. The Kentucky Center for Budget Policy and Kentucky Voices for Health are also good sources of information.

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Appalachian Culture as Hub for Growth

July 08, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Photo by Barbara RosnerCan artists, dancers, actors, musicians and creative thinkers of all varieties contribute to the economic rebuilding of our Appalachian communities?  WMMT’s Kelli Haywood looked for answers to that question as she visited the 15th annual Cowan Creek Mountain Music School at the Cowan Community Center. The Center is one partner in a creative placemaking effort led by Appalshop called the Letcher County Culture Hub.  Organizations and individuals throughout the county are bringing together arts, culture, and business enterprise to establish a more diversified economy and communities that are healthy, happy, and whole. 


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How to Shape Our Appalachian Future?

June 03, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

SOAR-MAPAs SOAR prepares for its 3rd gathering, an “Innovation Summit” on June 6 in Pikeville, WMMT spoke with Executive Director Jared Arnett about his vision for the organization’s future, which includes focusing on creating a social network of people united in efforts to build the region’s economy. For another perspective we spoke with Willa Johnson, a McRoberts, KY native who works with young people as a KVEC staffer and media producer for the online learning network The Holler. Johnson talks about what she sees as the kinds of conversations younger people are looking to participate in and stressed the need to create a space that is genuinely inclusive and open to tackling tough issues. 


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