“A Marvelous Herb” Glen Facemire on the Value of Ramp Cultivation

Ramps, sometimes called wild leeks, are a plant native to the mountains here in central Appalachia, and there is a long history of harvesting them for food.  With their powerful garlic-like smell and a taste similar to onions, ramps are a staple in some traditional Appalachian recipes, and ramp festivals are held throughout the region […]

Sweet Corn and Fresh Ideas

August 9th marked the opening day of the Floyd County Farmers’ Market. Now in its second year, the market has relocated from downtown Prestonsburg to out on the side of Route 114, just past the Mountain Arts Center.  In a particularly difficult growing season, growers and customers alike were excited to be there. The Floyd […]

Farm Life in Lee County

Nestled at the base of Powell Mountain in Lee County, Virginia, sits a small farm that has become a staple of the growing local food economy in southwest Virginia.  It’s owned by Kirsty Zahnke, who bought the land and began farming here just under a decade ago.  Kirsti calls her farm Farmlife. It’s about 25 […]

Mountain Talk – Farmers Markets and Growing a Local Food Economy

Hosted by Sylvia Ryerson – With the growing season underway,now is the time to enjoy the fresh local produce of our mountains. On this week’s Mountain Talk we talked about where we can get it – at the farmers’ markets throughout our region.  We heard from guests Todd Howard, Carrie Troud, Martin Richards and Carmen Cantrell about some of […]