War On Poverty Lessons for SOAR

Retired War on Poverty staff Robert Shaffer & Hollis West recall building successful east KY programs with “maximum feasible participation of the poor” & recommend SOAR empower poor for results

Jason Bailey – Support Workers to Grow KY Jobs

The Kentucky Center for Budget Policy has released the 2014 State of Working Kentucky Report and the news is not good. KCEP Director Jason Bailey says that Kentucky is still feeling the effects of the 2007 recession with fewer jobs, slow growth, and declining wages. In this Making Connections News story, Bailey makes a number of […]

EKY Small Businesses Needed – Help Available

Most businesses powering the Kentucky economy are small – less than 50 employees. Increasing entrepreneurship and the growth of local businesses could be key to rebuilding east Kentucky. However 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years. This Making Connections News report focuses on the resources available in our region that dramatically improve […]