Rural Counties Most Dependent on Social Security

In this election season, we’ve been hearing a lot about big government, deficits, and entitlement programs like Social Security. The Congressional “supercommittee” may end up making cuts in Social Security at the end of this month. But what does Social Security mean for folks here? A recent article in the on-line newspaper the Daily Yonder […]

Severance Tax Funds for the Future

An old mountain song says, “What you gonna do when the weather gets cold? Do like a groundhog, hunt me a hole.” Across the mountains, folks are asking something like this —what will our communities do when our finite natural resources, like coal, are finally gone? One proposal from the West Virginia Center on Budget […]

Broadband: Crippled Without It?

Access to high speed internet service, or broadband, is increasingly seen by many policymakers as a necessity for community vitality. This feature includes comments from Dee Davis, Center for Rural Strategy, on the center’s findings that rural communities will be economically crippled without access to high speed internet; a brief check in with Lisa Fanin […]

Eastern Kentuckians Face Rising Electric Bills

Residents throughout eastern Kentucky have been shocked by dramatically higher electric bills this winter, forcing many to make difficult decisions in order to keep their homes warm through the coldest months of the year. The situation has created a crisis for many Kentucky households. Residents and local officials alike are searching for answers as to […]