Ending Black Lung Forever?

On April 23rd, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, passed a long awaited rule that will lower the amount of respirable coal dust in all U.S. underground coal mines.  The new standard reduces dust levels from 2 miligrams per cubic meter to 1.5 miligrams per cubic meter.  This new standard aims to reduce […]

Solar Energy Can Brighten West Virginia’s Future

Our region is known for producing energy. Historically that has been coal and more recently natural gas. Another source that could bring jobs, lower electric bills, and energy self-sufficiency is solar.  A new white paper from the Mountain Institute and Downstream Strategies examines the  potential of solar power for West Virginians. The authors plan to […]

East Kentuckians Are Ready for SOAR

East Kentuckians appear to be plenty ready to create a more diverse and prosperous economy for the people of the region. Over 1,500 have registered to attend the Dec. 9 bi-partisan SOAR meeting in Pikeville where the agenda is sharing ideas for moving the region forward.  WMMT spoke with Justin Maxson, President of MACED and […]

West Virginians Look Towards the Future

Bright Economic Future for the Mountain State, a West Virginia gathering held over labor day weekend, brought together entrepreneurs, policy experts, and grassroots organizations and leaders from across the state to address the urgent need for job creation and economic transition in the southern coalfields.  The conference was modeled in part after Appalachia’s Bright Future, […]