Mountain Talk – Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for KY

Hosts Sylvia Ryerson and Mimi Pickering discuss clean energy opportunuties for eastern Kentucky with guests Nathan Hall of Floyd County, who built his own mobile biodiesal conversion system, and Matt Partymiller, co-founder and operating partner of Solar Energy Solutions in Lexington.  In  this show we hear from Nathan and Matt on how growing our clean […]

Richard Trumka on Good Jobs & a Cleaner Planet

The winter of 2012 so far has been unseasonably warm. It comes as the Appalachian coal industry faces a time of change, and amid a debate between people who say that coal is helping cause global warming and those who say there’s no such thing.  Richard Trumka addressed this question recently. He is the president of America’s […]

Keep Warm & Cut Your Costs: How$martKY

Because of historically cheap energy rates and lots of poorly insulated housing, Kentuckians’ average home electricity use is one of the highest in the nation – 24 percent more than the national average.  This WMMT report follows energy specialists on a home energy audit through How$martKY, a pilot program that lets homeowners and businesses make […]

Principles Critical to Effective Tax Reform

The Kentucky General Assembly meets again in January and Governor Steve Beshear has made tax reform a priority for his second term in office. Jason Bailey, director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, agrees that now is the time to address Kentucky’s long term financial woes. In this opinion piece originally published in the […]